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Too Cool to Skip – Ferry Plaza Farmers Market – Street Entertainment – Hello Sailor!

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This is news from August.  I’ve mentioned I’m behind, no?

The Ferry Terminal building, in San Francisco, houses a farmers market on Tue, Thur and Sat.  I chose to go on a Saturday.  It was a zoo (almost claustrophobia-inducing crowded) but very fun.

In back by the water, mostly prepared food stands tempt tastebuds:

Out front are the produce stands:

The first scheduled ferry arrived here in 1898.  At its peak 50,000 commuters passed through. Imagine if more used the ferry today instead of cars.  By the 1950’s the ferry was almost obsolete.  Office space filled it in.  To add insult to injury a huge freeway was built in front of it in 1957.  The 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake damaged that ugly freeway, causing its removal in 1991.  Thank goodness!

The building underwent a renovation and now serves the community as a place to gather, eat, and purchase local foods and wares.

The inside is striking:

Its marble and steel construction survived two major earthquakes (1906 and 1909).  This building is built completely over water. Its website states it’s the “largest such foundation for a building over water anywhere in the world.”

A tiled floor mosaic upstairs:

Arts and crafts are sold in the park across the street.  This fellow’s name is Santiago. He’s from Columbia.  He crafts self-tanned leather into bags and jewelry using all found objects for the hardware and decoration (think nuts, bolts, silverware, etc.) The bags were so unique.  When describing his methods, the love and passion he has for his craft made me wish I could shell out the big bucks to purchase a purse.

Instead, I bought a simple red leather bracelet, adorned by a metal washer and a leather tie.  I love it, especially knowing whose hands lovingly produced it.

Probably the most fun part of that day was watching the street performers.

This man played a collection of trash cans and buckets:

The funniest one:

What a mind to come up with this contraption:

This guy jumped out of his leafy screen.  It worked on me.  So simple. So clever.  So interesting a collection of leaves on a city sidewalk do not look out of place to one walking by.

And this young lad was fantastic. He even danced:


Another highlight was the Public shore “trail” I walked back to Fisherman’s Wharf on.  Signage guides one along the piers.

Came across this. The photos don’t capture it’s grandness or the sound of all those flapping flags.

The Pallada is a Russian Training Ship based out of  Vladivostok in the Russian Far East.  Said to be the fastest large sailing ship in the world, it’s capable of speeds up to 18 knots (a conversion table told me that 27.1 mph). They were on a trip to North America to commemorate the 270th anniversary of the first Russian exploration of Alaska.

On board I walked around and read the info. placards and gaped upwards in awe.  Noting fuzzy segments on some of the ropes made me curious.  None  of the sailors spoke enough English to answer my question of, “What are those?”  Finally I came across a bilingual local man speaking with a sailor.  He translated for me.

The big fuzzy patches on the ropes are to protect from friction by other ropes, BTW, in case you should ever wander onto a Russian boat, with no English speakers aboard, and wonder the same.

An exercise commenced.  Sailors climbed up the masts and across each sail.  Together they unfurled the fabric.

What a spectacle!

Every time I venture  into the city I come across the coolest things.  Just wait until I get around to posting the Mission murals.

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