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Mr. Meacock – Social network may net a liver for renowned Mounds Park Academy teacher –

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Please read the attached link. It’s about a very special English teacher at my Jr/High School.  Some readers may know him, some not.

Social network may net a liver for renowned Mounds Park Academy teacher –


Like many Mounds Park Academy (St Paul, MN) alumni,  I recited Chaucer for Mr. Meacock’s lit class.  Crippled by stage-fright I stumbled poorly through.  Some 20 years later I still remember the shame felt at not having the required passage memorized entirely.

To this day, I stink at remembering poems, names, jokes, etc.  Punch  lines?  Forget it.

I wasn’t a theater or performing arts kid.  I played sports but never excelled, playing for the sense of team and fitness.  Debate was out of the question and honors classes were well out of reach.  My niche:  art.  Every elective art class the school offered I took.

A pot I’d submitted to the school art show caught Mr. Meacock’s eye.  With his praise came an affirmation of talent.  To a  gangly, awkward teenager struggling to fit in somewhere, it gave me a boost I remember yet.

That pot I later gifted to him.  “Oh, not THE…”  I still remember his comment and thanks.

Mr. Meacock was a source of inspiration to me as a fellow teacher.  Did you readers know I used to teach grade school?  Most know me as a nurse only.

With high expectations he engaged us in thoughtful discussion and reflection.  My little brain, new to the academic expectations of a college-prep school, lit up.

I’m not saying I gave my students a taste of his dry sense of humor.  Geez, I was clueless to it most of the time.  High expectations and recognition of each child’s unique talents go a long way.  He modeled those, something I observed and took with me.

Mr. Meacock is sick, I wish he and his family well.  The show of support his Social Media outreach spawned is incredible. Thus, the linked article I share with you.

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