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Mission Murals and Upside Down Birds

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Happy New Year!  This post I write from my sister and BIL’s home in MN. My week here with family is nearly over.   Lofty ambitions I had to catch up on blogging but a busy trip I’ve had.  I forgot to pack my USB card gadget so I’ll have to share family pics later.

In the meantime, here’s a little sun and color to warm up the cold, gray, MN sky I’ve been under this week.


Slowly I’m learning my way around San Francisco.  Learning to navigate a city this big is something I not well versed in.

One of my fave yarn shops, ImagiKnit, beckoned so I made the pilgrimage. After a satisfactory soak in ‘yarn-fumes,’ a stroll I took toward the famed murals of the Mission District.

What I found:

The Women’s Building:

The Women’s Building  is a woman-owned community center.  It offers social services, social justice advocacy, community groups, and arts and wellness activities/events.  What a resource!  The outside is swathed in huge murals:

Sharing an important message:

And just plain beautiful to gape at:

There are tours one can take of the murals.  Might be a good idea to do so and really learn about what I’m looking at.  The next stop I stumbled upon as well.

The Clarion Street Project:

Located between Mission and Valencia Streets and 17th and 18th Streets, where once a lagoon spread out, the Clarion Alley Mural Project started in 1992.  Led by 6 local volunteers, they enlisted artists to promote social solidarity and cross-culture communication.  Works are diverse in style including folksy, abstract, and more concrete images.

This Website gives more detailed info on artists, the project’s mission and several photos of the murals.

It was a lot to take in. Many I couldn’t decipher.  But that’s the point, I think, to get the onlooker thinking and perhaps filling in some of the blanks.

And what’s up with the upside down bird?  This one I came across many blocks away from the sign from the alley.

Each time I venture  into the city I come across something  intriguing, that makes me come back for more.  Anyone know what the bird is about?

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