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FINALLY! Alaska – The Journey Back South – Part One of ? – Flight Around Denali

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Yesterday began a seven day stay-cation.  I was foaming at the mouth for a trip to Death Valley but with gas at $4.39/gallon out here and March containing more travel and moving than days home I figured a stay-cation of play balanced with catch-up would be more prudent.

One of my goals this week is to share my gargantuan trip from AK back to CA with you. It happened WAY back in July.  The process of uploading/sorting/choosing photos and writing about a trip this huge is involved. Current life adventures kept this project on the back burner for far too long.

Let it commence!

I had three weeks to get from Anchorage to day one of a travel RN contract here in Marin.  How I wished for more time.  It was, after all, a journey of 3,700+ miles by car and a week and a half by ferry through the Southeast from Skagway, AK  to Prince Rupert, BC.

Still, fortunate I am for this adventure of a lifetime.  Being just a taste, a return remains on my bucket list.

The first leg was Anchorage to Talkeetna to Wrangell-St Elias NP and McCarthy/Kennecott.  From there I went through the Yukon to Whitehorse and back west to the sea at Skagway.

I told you this will be a big series of posts!

I wanted to see Denali. For most who visit the NP, clouds obscure the peak.  A few friends of mine have climbed it.  A bus ride through the park and a couple days there were all I had time for in my itinerary.  Knowing this would disappoint me,  I cancelled that leg of the trip and stuck with my plans to catch a flight around Denali in Talkeetna.

Never being on a small plane (?16 seats?) before, I was worried about getting sick and scared…but it was all ok.  A couple spots of turbulence made me queasy but it passed quickly.  Dropped my camera walking to the plane. Destroyed the lens.  Nearly in tears a nice pilot lent me his camera. My memory card, thankfully, was compatible.

Up we went and flew over vast expanses of rivers and  trees.

There she was!

Nose near the glass I didn’t want it to end.

There was too much cloud and fog to land on a glacier.  I didn’t mind.

Never seen a glacier this close.  Fascinating!

Pulled out my Thuja sock for the obligatory knitting around Denali shot.  Knit a couple rows.  Heh…

Sadly had to head down.


This will be etched in my memory forever.  If there’s one theme I’ll keep reiterating through these AK posts it’s that it’s HUGE beyond all imagination.  Giant.  Huge.

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