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I’ve gone the way of the Dodo.  Sailed off the Earth?  Made good on the threat to run away to a beachy-island inhabited only by hot Cabana Boys serving fruity beverages and an endless supply of yarn?


Not quite.

The last couple weeks I completed a move (a real move I’ll add).  The days of all belongings fitting into my truck are over.  I took a new apt. just a stone’s throw from work.  Last week I flew to CO to pack all my goods into a moving POD. If you ever need to move, it’s a nifty option and was just a hair more spendy than driving to and from CO hauling a trailer.

Now, buried in boxes, it’s like an archaeological dig.  It’s kind of fun, really, reuniting with things unseen in 4+ years.  Came across the cobalt blue-glass shaker my grandma used to keep cinnamon and sugar in. Made me a little misty.  Also made me realize my cane sugar just won’t do in that shaker and that I need to buy some good old refined white sugar to pair with that cinnamon. After 4 years of enjoyable mobility I now have  a nest to feather.

And the stash…oh my…it’s larger than I remember.  And the fabric stash…

Other stuff:

Enjoyed that trip to CO. Loads of QT with friends. Post to follow.  The knitting retreat in Bodega Bay was a blast. Post to follow.  And AK blogging, not even close to finishing that project.   It’ll have to wait, though.  I think my airhole was just covered by an errant cardboard box. Pardon while I dig myself out.

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