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Just Say “No” to Scopolamine Patches


Last summer my sister Karen and her hubby Wes visited me in AK.  We took a trip to Seward and Homer.  In Seward we took a boat ride tour.

Big water can make me seasick.   Medium water, not bad but I may take a half a “Non-drowsy” (yah, right) Dramine tab just in case.  Little water, no problem.

My previous boat ride out there was just fine.  Unnecessarily worried,  I used a Scopolamine patch behind my ear “just in case.”  Man…never again.

My mom and dad are here visiting me in CA. Showing them these pics prompted roars of laughter.

You may need a laugh today.

Once embarassed by these pics, I’m over it.  Figgered I’d share.  Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself life’s no fun!

It started with some slurred words which morphed to extreme spaciness. In fear, I took the offending patch off.   Eventually, after feeling like an inappropriate drunk on a tour ship full of families, I fell into in a full-on power nap which Karen and her hubby Wes captured.

Karen’s getting a kick out of my oblivious state of slumber.  We still laugh at this over a year after the fact.

Just say no to Scopolamine patches!

2 thoughts on “Just Say “No” to Scopolamine Patches

  1. One of my favorite memories of the trip. Everyone on the ship were freaking out over the whales and you decided to take a nap. You forgot to include that you thought you were lucid enough to drive us home!

    • Whales? What whales? Hah!

      I really thought I was able to drive? Jeez. Thanks for keeping me safe and sound Karen and providing a designated driver. ; ).

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