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Where’s May going?  Where’d April go? Some news:

  • Mom and Pop were out last week. We had a blast.
  • There’s no time to blog. Man it’s piling up.  We’re not even out of AK yet. Just wait until Canada!  Then there’s the local bits.
  • Next week I’m backpacking for the first time since college…over 15 years ago.  My partners assure me I will not die en-route from exhaustion and geez, the packing checklist is sure different from the mental car camping list I always use.  Wish me luck!
  • Then I work a couple days.
  • Then my sister Karen arrives for a whole week.  We’re gonna road trip and play and have a blast.  Jeez I can’t wait!
  • Did you get the Wordless Wed. pic from last week?  It’s car art.  A retired cop car had a Krispy Kreme doughnut box glued to its trunk with two plastic doughnuts afixed alongside the box. Pretty funny I thought.
  • Knitting:  Finished a cowl for my mom, a cabled hat, fingerless mitts for a friend and am cruising on a cardigan.  Placed an (afterthought) lifeline in a naughty shawl (thanks Paul!) to aid in ripping back 1,000 + some stitches.  It’s coming with on above mentioned backpacking trip.
  • Too bad I’m not coordinated enough to hike and knit. I hear some are gifted in the art.
  • I now have a sun-drenched deck.  Started a container garden including a hibiscus.  Haven’t played in the dirt in 4 years I s’pose.  Feels great!

That’s the news for now.

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