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Meet Jane! My New Feline Friend

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It’s been a year and a half since Annabelle died.  Admittedly, I’ve never grieved for a pet like I do for her.  Explaining her antics and sweetness to others still  makes me a little misty.  In fact, the prospect of adopting another cat hasn’t seemed right.

Until now.

A couple weeks ago a pet adoption sign prompted me to pop into a Petco.  Inside I met the women who run the Marin Cat Connection Program.  They had a couple cats with.   Jane was just being transferred from crate to cage. Nervously she sniffed around but stopped to accept a scratch from me.  Hmmm…

Returned a week later when my sis Karen visited. Jane worked the cage, standing cutely, purring and chirping at me.  We played. We bonded. I was putty in her paws…

Jane came home last Tuesday and we’ve been bonding. She moved right in without hesitation. I’ve never seen a cat enter a new space so calmly.

Anise brought over a felted mouse toy stuffed with catnip.  After killing it she rolls over with that “I’m stoned” look in her eyes.  Makes me laugh.  “Dude…where’s the munchies?”


The doors to the deck are a favorite spot for her.



She follows me about the house and greets me in bed each AM by walking on my torso and kneading the covers.  Subtle…eh?  Very ‘vocal,’ she reminds me of Annabelle in that way.




We’re getting used to each other.  Jane belonged to an elderly lady before me who passed away 6 months ago.  Makes me happy to become her new human.

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