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Little Elsa’s Cap and Sweater – A Finished Project for Matt and Agie

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I’ve been waiting for a baby girl to show up.  This pattern’s been in my stash for some time. Sure…it could be little boy appropriate for the right parents but something about it begged for a little girl’s gift (especially with the matching bonnet.)  The pattern also includes a beanie cap with four leaves on top.

Today I’ll mail it off to Matt and Agie back in CO.  Special friends, they welcomed their new little girl, Elsa, this spring.

Pattern: Leaf Pattern Set by Leisure Arts Booklet Number 4577  (Ravelry Link)

Yarn:  Indigo MoonYarns hand dyed superwash merino sport in “Scarlett”

+++Soft, round, but with a firm twist it defines the lace well.  Would make great cables.  I used 289 yards for both.

Needle: #5 for the yoke/cuffs and #6 for the rest

Size: 20.5″ chest –  8″ length

MODS:  The pattern calls for the yoke to be  knitted, then the sleeves are  knitted flat and seamed, then the body is knit back and forth. Huh?  Why?  I modified the pattern to knit it all top-down in the round.  See my RAVELRY Project Page link for details.

+++Baby sizing baffles me.  I hope this fits her next winter+++

The leaves wrap around the back of the head on both sides. So cute!

I taught myself how to make twisted cord, for the ties, using this instructional slide show.  So nifty!  Sure beats the tedium of knitted I-Cord.

The yoke is uncharted, unfortunately. My brain prefers charts to written out patterning.  The rest of the project flies by enjoyably.  I’ll surely knit this again.  Wouldn’t it be pretty in a leafy green?

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