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Tenessee Valley Hike – Hills Cloaked in Fog

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Had a pleasant wander around Tennessee Valley the other day.   Last time I hiked across the Wolf Ridge portion of this trail Mt. Tam was visible in the distance.  This time, thick fog obscured all but the valley floor, including the ocean.  Felt a little surreal.

From the Tennessee Valley trailhead, the Old Springs Trail starts behind the stables, winding up a hillside.  A short jaunt down the Miwok Trail leads to  Wolf Ridge trail which carves along Hill 88. Military left-overs cap this hill.  Then, the Coastal Trail  winds back down to the T.V. trail.   All in all, 5 miles of green shrubs, golden grasses and nature’s air conditioning made for a beautiful day.   The hills of the Marin Headlands are a favorite place of mine.

These pink flowers have pea-like pods on the stems. I don’t have my flower book with me and can’t ID it online. Will update later. One part of the Coastal Trail had near-arbors of them draping from each side.  The bees, so numerous, made an audible din. Some flowers were white.   This is a small sample. The photo of the ‘arbors’ didn’t turn out.

Blackberries!  They love this area.  Found some in China Camp State Park and Point Reyes the other day and gather handfuls while on the trails. Yum!  Must learn to make preserves from them, someday.  Glad this is my new backyard!

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