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Parental Units Come to Cali

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Back in April the ‘rents visited.  In a week’s time, many local sights we visited.

A trip into the city included a walk from the ferry terminal to Fisherman’s Wharf followed by a cable car ride.  I enjoyed sharing the ocean sights with them.



To the legendary Britex mom and I went.  Three floors of fabric and notions tantalize the seamstress.  This place’s been on mom’s hit list for ages. Glad to share it with her.



Mom requested a trip to Muir Woods.  A magical place Muir Woods is.



Pops and I took a drive to Point Reyes National Seashore. Lunch on Drakes beach and a trip to the lighthouse were the day’s highlights.  A lone gray whale swam past, a real treat!



We also spent some time in Napa Valley.  An endless supply of entertainment awaits any guest to this area.  Next I’ll post on my sister Karen’t visit.





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