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Muir Beach/Green Gulch Loop – A Marin Headlands Spring Wildflower Primer

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This hike happened way back in April.  The day sticks in my mind. The sky clear, a slight breeze, spring in Marin was busting at the seams. The assortment of flowers on this walk was huge.  More than 3 dozen seperate flowers I photographed. Here I tried to slim it down. Thought I’d get out my National Audubon Field Guide to Wildflowers, Western Region book and look ’em up.

Two links I’ll share, The Marin Chapter of the Ca Native Plant Society (folks report their findings on this site and share photos), Wildflowers of the Golden Gate (a NPS PDF) and Bay Area Hikers Wildflower Guide were helpful resources for me.  Big thanks to Mike!

Enjoy!  And please, if I’ve mis-labeled please comment. I’d love feedback.

This photo shows the little town of Muir Beach perched above said beach. That’s Hwy 1 snaking along in the background. Mt. Tam loos up to the right, out of sight. The Coast Trail hugs the coast to the left. My loop went south on it, then up the Coastal Fire Rd to Coyote Ridge  and down Green Gulch trail.

Tis’ Beautiful!

Forget-Me-Not. I’ve noted these growing in thick carpets in Point Reyes:


Star Lily:

Douglas Iris:


???????  (So pretty!)

Silver Bush Lupine:



The prolific CA Poppy:



Cow Parsnip:

CA Buttercup:

Blue Eyed Grass:

This is just a handful of examples of flowers I enjoyed that day.  Best part was I didn’t expect to see so many.  Can’t wait for next spring’s profusion!

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