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On the Needles Now – Harvest Moon, a Short Sock and a Juicy Shawl

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I’ve been knitting quite a bit.   May not seem like it given the lack of knitting posts this summer.

Here’s what’s on the needles:

The gray cardi is Harvest Moon by  Heidi Kirrmaier  (RAVELRY LINK). The yarn, Berroco Remix, makes a plush, soft, warm fabric.  I’ll use it again for sure.

10 rows or so left on the last sleeve, it’s so close to completion I can taste it.   After knitting the pocket trims (they look like the garter stitch collar), I’ll attach them, tidy up the ends, and find a single button for the closure.  Too heavy to wear now, I’m antsy to complete it and start a lighter project.

Project Monogamy, people, I’m really trying!


That lighter project will be the Summer Solstice Cardigan, also by Heidi Kirrmaier.   (RAVELRY LINK)  Her designs are clean and simple.  Love’em!

Its chosen yarn, Navy Blue Louet Merlin, is on  its way as I type.  A 50% merino/50% linen blend, it will wash and dry into a soft, comfy, lightweight layer.  I’ve been itching to use if for years but at almost $20 a skein have held off.  WEBS now has this yarn for 50% off retail. At under $10 a skein it’s a STEAL!

Such light sweaters I lack.   Frankly, all the wool in my stash just feels too heavy right now.


Note the sock.  The pattern’s Pinata socks by Star Athena. (RAVELRY LINK)

Note the missing toe. Mmm hmm.  Although I wound the yarn into two equal balls before starting, it’s not toe-up so I ran out of yarn.   A contrasting toe I’ll knit on both.  :  )  Yarn’s the first skein of Blue Moon Fibers Socks that Rock that I purchased. (That’s a knitters milestone, BTW.)  The garter stitch cuff, heel and (soon to have a toe) are fun details to the simple ribbed leg.


A shawl’s become my “purse project.”

With 5,455  projects listed on Ravelry, Color Affection by Veera Valimaki (RAVELRY LINK) could be named Color Affliction (or Addiction?)

+++Photo Copyright Veera Valimaki+++


There’s nothing shy about this one.  Juicy colors of tangerine, turquoise and royal blue I’ve chosen. All come from my stash I’m proud to note.

Busy knitting I am!

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