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Point Bonita Part Deux – Now Reachable!

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My last trip to the Point Bonita lighthouse stopped me in my tracks. Literally.  The access bridge, in desperate need of repairs, was closed.  Now, it’s open.  The tunnel that reaches the bridge has limited open hours:  Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Should you visit, the NPS has a brochure full of interesting facts and a map.


Remember her from a past post?  Such a pretty place.


The museum contained a knowledgeable docent, many old photos, artifacts and (I found fascinating) exhibits on the geology of the bay floor.  After plunking a donation into the collection box (there is no entry fee collected at this park but hey…our parks need help) I toured the  exhibits.


Here’s a map noting a few famous shipwrecks off the coast. There were many:



A drawing of the lamp. I find it striking.



A view north along the Marin Headlands Coast:




Peeking around the point (as far as the guard rail allows) at the Golden Gate.  Imagine navigating ships through this dangerous, rocky spot, full of wild currents, before modern navigational tools?  Point Bonita was the third lighthouse on the CA coast.  Such an important job!


Such a lucky gal I am to have backyard  access to such a beautiful place of historical significance.

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