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Trip to Angel Island – Mt. Livermore Hike with CJ

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Took at trip to Angel Island State Park last week, meeting a friend I first met as a brand-spanking new grade school teacher, so very long ago.

Angel Island once belonged to the Tiburon Penninsula. Pre-bay-time, water flowed through a gap in this peninsula carving out Raccoon Straight. This fed out to the ocean then some 40 miles away.  In time, the bay filled in.  Water levels rose and the coastline moved inward to it’s current spot.  Fascinating…

Here’s a map showing its position in the bay:

Photo below shows  the island on the return ferry.  I put it here to give a view of what it looks like.  At water level the perspective is strange, not seeing the bay’s landmarks surrounding it.

Last time here I came with my sis, Karen. We took bikes over and rode the Perimeter Road. This time, CJ and I hiked a five mile loop to the tippy-top, 788 feet above seal level. We took the Northridge Trail to the top and the Sunset Trail back to Ayala Cove.  Bay Area Hiker has a detailed description.

In true summer form, fog lay thick on the city side.  Only later in the afternoon did the sun burn some (but not all) off.


The GG Bridge:

Looking down upon the former military buildings Karen and I pedaled around and explored:

Looking across the straight, San Pablo Bay to the north:

The landscape on this hike is diverse.  It takes you through chapparal, scrubby brush, grassland, stands of lovely, gnarly oak, bay’s, and hillsides of vines/flowers.  If you visit bring layers. The wind can be harsh. We had perfect weather all day.

Once finished, a treat of unexpected  live bluegrass music welcomed us at the Cantina.  Shared  local oysters polished off the day.  Yum!

There…there’s the city peeking under the fog around the edge of the island:

Just watched a film on the Barbary Coast Trail in SF. Taking a guided walk may be my next urban adventure.

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