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Daily Musings – I Smell a Road Trip…

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…it’s really all I can think about.

Two weeks I’ll have to explore the Pacific NW.  As usual, maps and books I’ve poured over.  Looking at a calendar, putting pencil to paper always drives it home,”Pare down, Heather!”

This is my norm.

Vancouver Island and the Olympic Peninsula will be the furthest away targets. The Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival I hope to attend.  Other knitting attractions on the to-do list are Churchmouse Yarns and Teas on Bainbridge Island and (but likely too dangerous) the Little Knits brick and mortar shop in Seattle.

A final stop in Bend awaits, a good friend there to show me around.

Other thoughts…

  • I turned 38 this week.  One year closer to 40, I feel pretty calm about it.  Next year will I sing the same tune?
  • Some jerk decided to steal my iPhone last week.   Not eligible for an upgrade until next June (damn cellular companies) a replacement is en route.  My own fault, I left it on top of my  building’s washer. Still…why do people steal?
  • My friend Anise and I made pickles last week.  I’ve never canned. She’s taught me much and I hope to can more.  When those puppies are ready to eat, mmmm! Perhaps I’ll try jam?
  • The deck’s plants have survived a bout of “white flies” and my incompetence at container gardening.  I’ve learned I actually have to fertilize these babies!  The hibiscus attracts numerous hummingbirds.  If I sit really still, while out there, quite the show they provide scooting from flower to flower.
  •  My Harvest Moon cardigan is done, finished, and ready to wear.  I’ll rope someone into taking a pic of it on me and post.  Mailing off a hat for my sis Ali’s b-day and nearly done with a pair of fingerless mitts for moi.  Pics to come.
  • Jane the cat’s doing great. After having a geriatric love-sponge-slug of a cat (Annabelle) for so long, I’m adjusting to Jane’s kitten-like antics and playfulness.  She even lets me rub her belly, now, something she wouldn’t tolerate when she first moved in.

That’s the news.  More posts to follow to try to catch up before the big trip.





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