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MN in July – Quality Time With the Fam

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Late July took me to MN to see the Fam.

Here, a little photo journal of the trip:

Pedicures with two of my three sisters resulted in all blue toes. I’d never gone blue before.

Poppa, on his annual fishing trip to rural Canada, caught a monster of a big ol’ Walleye. Per my request, he saved it for my arrival. Nothing beats fresh walleye. 27.5″ and 7.5#   He assured me it was “a monster.”

What would a hot, Midwestern weekend be without a boat ride and swim? Wes and Karen brought the boat out to Big Marine Lake.

My Nephew Lucca (who just turned 3) ‘drove.’ He likes pressing the horn button. What a smile!

Lucca went for a swim with his aunties. Karen morphed into the Seaweed Monster (yep there are weeds on her head.) An unusually hot summer there, the water felt like a warm bathtub. It was delightful. From what I hear, though, it’s wrecking havoc on the fish.

Speaking of fish my BIL Tyler took Karen, Rachel and I fishing at a little city lake. We hit a school of Sunnies. One after another we pulled out, all 4 inches or less. If fact, Rachel stopped casting and just touched her bait to the surface, counted to 5 and boom, a bite. That became a laughable game. Tyler taught me how to gently remove hooks from a fish. But I wouldn’t hold the bullfish. Just couldn’t do that.

Lucca had a belated birthday party. I was immersed in kid-dom for the week. Lucca’s a fireball of energy and growing up so quickly.

Sam, kidlet number two for sis Ali and Josh arrived in June. He’s a snuggly, quiet, sweet little baby who molds into you however you hold him. Sigh…so sweet.

I gifted a quilt to Sam.

He’s got some growing into it to do:


Pattern’s called Lucky Stars by Atkinson Designs. I’ve made it before. Using all batiks I kept to stash fabric except for the backing. Robbins Nest in Lindstrom did the quilting. She does such great work. Please consider mailing off pieces to her.

These tall yellow flowers, BTW, are in Ali and Josh’s yard. They originated in my Grandma Quick’s parents’ farm in Hinkley, MN. Grandma had some in her yard. Fortunately, Ali and Karen transplanted some into their yards. There they thrive! No one knows their name. We call them “Tall Yellow Flowers.” I think of Grandma when I see them.



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