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A Stay-Cation! Water Wings and Hip Waders.

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I’ve a week off, a luxury that comes with nursing in 12 hour shifts, three per week.  If one schedules themselves just right, a Wed. through the following Wed. can be had off using no vacay.  Would I change to a 5 day per week job. No way!

Big plans I had, a 10+ hour drive to Death Valley National Park.

I’ve changed my mind.


This fall’s been crazy-busy.  Back in Sept. I took a two-week vacay to the Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver Island.  (Not blogged yet.)  Extra shifts I’ve worked. Life’s been spinning by rather quickly.

A week at home seems like just the right idea.

And with weather like this:

Doesn’t that just invite hours spent watching movies, knitting, drinking coffee/tea, hell I’m not driving anywhere, wine?  Heavy rain’s forecasted to last nearly a week.  Thick, heavy clouds obscure the bay out my window. A full moon rose this AM.  The high tide and rain’s flooded the creek below, covering more land with water than usual. The houses across the creek seem to float.

To celebrate, last night I went out for breakfast-for-dinner after work.  A list (filling an 8×11 piece of paper) containing to-do’s  I scribbled. Some items are tasks. Some are not.  A glimpse into my mind:

  • Assemble an earthquake kit to keep in my home
  • Apply to a second ADN-BSN program for Fall of 2013
  • Get the nasty sticker residue off my car’s window (which CA kindly required to warn me of the carcinogen compounds in the car)
  • Goodwill donation trip
  • Hike at Jack London State Park and a reward soak in Calistoga Hot Springs. It’s pouring. Hopefully the rain will slow enough, this week, to allow hiking.
  • Update budget spreadsheets
  • Update Knitometer
  • Make yogurt
  • Make and freeze breakfast burritos
  • Use up an IKEA gift card
  • Study for ACLS recert
  • Blog like mad, months behind
  • Assemble/make all Christmas gifts

This is just a wee sampling. I figure posting some will keep me accountable when I report back in a week with crossed off items.  :  )


Other news:

Applied for an Associate Degree Nursing to Bachelor of Nursing program for Fall of 2013.  Cross your fingers I get it in. Space is limited. Will need to take Statistics this spring.  Cross more fingers for that. It’s hard math and my brain just doesn’t function that way.

Sold my truck. Bought a Prius.  Averaged 45.5 MPG on the first tank.  Wow.

Traveling to MN for the Christmas holiday to be with family.

No Christmas presents knit. Struggling with this one.  Shall I forge ahead and make ’em or give up and resort to shopping?

What would you do?


OK.  About to don water-wings and hip waders for a trip to the local community college to drop off a form.  More later…

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