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Looking Back – 2012 Knitting Resolutions

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Pulled up my 2012 Knitting Resolutions post.  Oh boy…comments in bold.

  1. Knit every day. Really. Even if that means keeping a mindless dishcloth on the bedside table and completing a few rows as I fall asleep.  Thinking I averaged knitting every other day. Not too bad!
  2. Buy no new yarn.  Gah!  I’m having a hard time with this one and almost added “for 6 months” to that. But this spring I’ll rescue my stored stash from Denver and haul it out here. This will be a stash enhancement of epic proportions.  Should provide a helluva fix. Ermmm…did better.  But caved. A lot. 
  3. Finish a minimum one item per month  Looking at my Ravelry Project Page, it seems March, May, July and November were void of finished objects. Not sure that’s entirely true.  Sometimes I finish projects and do not post. 
  4. Knit three sweaters for myself. Made one that was too small and became my sister Karen’s and made the Harvest Moon Cardigan.   Two done! 
  5. Learn to double knit Nope.  In-fact, started TPHPE and got so frustrated by the process I doubt you’ll see this goal ever again. 
  6. Knit two socks at once, toe up, magic loop method.  Nope. 
  7. Write and publish a knitting pattern of some sort.  Uh uh. 
  8. Join a knitalong on Ravelry.  Nope. 
  9. Join the dishcloth swap group on Ravelry and participate in two swaps.  Yes!
  10. Join and participate in the Marin Knitters Guild.  Nope.  Changed my mind on this one.
  11. Finish all 2012 Christmas gifts by December 20, 2012.  Rolling on the ground laughing hysterically, here.  

Some of these I’ll keep for this new year’s knitting resolutions.

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