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Seems I’ve been neglecting blogging. Here’s a  bit of a brain dump today:

  • It’s warming up.  New magnolia blooms and buds on trees make me wonder if this is a true or false spring. 
  • Still need flannel sheets and both comforters, though.  Which means my flannel PJ’s stick to the sheets.  Hee!
  • Nasturtiums, pansies and a hardy hibiscus bloom on my deck. Pinch me!  It’s January and I have flowers outside!
  • Speaking of pansies, why is “pansy” used as a derogatory name when pansies are incredibly hardy and persistent?
  • Had a delightful overnight-er  this week.  It involved narrow back roads, an overnight at a lighthouse, the best fish n’ chips I’ve had and getting quite close to thousands of Elephant Seals.
  • My youngest and VERY pregnant sis visits in a couple weeks.  :  )
  • I’m hooked on Downton Abbey.
  • Knitting quite a bit, on an accessory kick. Pics later.
  • Reading guidebooks on Scotland. Heh…
  • Can’t get enough of roasted beets, carrots, and potatoes from the farmers market.
  • Jane’s started walking over the top of my pillow first thing in the AM. Grrrr…Why?  Why?

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