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Pacific Northwest Part 6 of ? – Finally! Getting Above the Trees in Olympic Nat’l Park

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Nearest alpine environment is many hours away from my home. I miss getting above treeline.  Some of the hills here in Marin are grassy, bald and open with stunning views.

But nothing puts a hectic, spinning life into its rightful, grounded place like standing high atop a mountain and seeing the lay of the land spread out in all directions.

I had a few hours before catching the Ferry from Port Angeles, WA over to Victoria, BC.

Wanting a quick alpine fix I drove up to the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.  Avoiding crowds I drove out Obstruction Point Road.  Narrow and windy (just as I like ’em) the drop offs made me glad I wasn’t a passenger.

A peek down to Port Angeles and at Mt. Baker:

I started up a trail.  My CV system reminded me I wasn’t at sea level.  :  )

With just a short bit of time on hand I walked a ways out.  Mt. Olympus standing tall:

Found a quiet spot to sit, eat lunch and make a few spins around my Pinata Socks.

Then, reluctantly walked out.

Olympic National Park, what a treasure!  Mountains, rain forest  beaches.

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