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Meet My New Niece Lillian

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Hi all.  Post’s have been scarce.  I’ve  much to share.

A special arrival in the family is front stage, here.

Meet Lillian May Winter.  She was born Saturday, April 20 to my youngest sister Rachel and her hubby Tyler.  What a beauty she is!  She’s their first-born and my first niece.  I just got off Face Time with them. Those inky-blue eyes, that full head of brown hair, those rosy pink cheeks, I enjoyed a satisfying virtual cooing, gushing, and hugging session.  Her name comes from two grandmas, my paternal’s first (Lillian) and Tyler’s grandmother’s middle name (May).  I can just imagine Grandma Frank’s delight over a new bundle of  nachas.

Here she is in her ‘Dr. Evil’ (Austin Powers) pose:

Here’s my nephew Lucca holding her.  Apparently, he wants her nickname to be ‘Tunis.’  No idea where that came from.  I remember he wanted his unborn brother’s name to be ‘Peach.’  You’ve gotta give the kid credit for creativity.  

Welcome to the world baby girl!  You’ve a big ‘ol loving family.

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