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Daily Musings – Spinning in My Shoes

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Geez.  I haven’t posted since May 8.  This month’s whirling by so quickly I’m spinning in my shoes.

Quick thoughts:

  • Mom and Pop just paid me a visit. We had a ball. I miss them already. 
  • I’ll be spending time in MN, with the fam, in July.
  • Did you know cat’s get colds?  Jane’s been sneezing, including all over me in the AM when she visits my pillow.
  • Sis Karen and her hubby Wes are due to arrive in a week.  We’ll play, play, play!
  • Niece Lily is keeping sis Rachel and my BIL Tyler busy.  She’s already been fishing with them at under one month old. Now that’s awesome!
  • Almost done with sweater number one for Afghans for Afghans.  Just stash-dove for the fixings for #2.
  • Work…that’s a source of exceptional stress, lately. Trying to diffuse and channel that energy into something positive.
  • Summer’s here.  Deck pots are re-planted.  I can’t get enough of hiking among the local wildflowers.  Pics to come.
  • Two weeks off in September I’m  planning.  Thinking of Scotland. Heh.

News for now, more interesting stuff later.



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