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Sis Rachel’s Baby Shower – Cover that Baby in Knitwear!

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I’ve been knitting. Probably doesn’t seem like it given my lack of posts on knitting.

March took me to MN to help throw my youngest sis Rachel a baby shower.  It was a joyous and fun day involving great food, fun (non-cheesy) games and much shared laughter.



Fancy foods, the theme was pink.



One game I thought creative and engaging had the gals modelling a baby (animal, person, totally open to interpretation) out of play-doh.



Many handmade gifts were given to Rachel.

Sis Ali cross stitched a botanical sampler Lillian’s name will be added to:



I made Rachel a Baby Sweater on Two Needles by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  What a blast!  I highly recommend the pattern. Details in a post to follow.

This lovely little dress, knit in Madelintosh Sock, had me cooing and squishing it repeatedly.  Rachel, though she doesn’t knit, is a member of a Stitch n’ Bitch back in MN.  Many of its members were present. I enjoyed sharing ‘knit-speak’ with them.  Rachel is a sewer and a quilter so she has handwork at the ready.


Wee booties and a crocheted hat and cloth:


REALLY wee booties:


I met some new folks (and visited with some of Rachel’s friends I haven’t seen in years) that day.  Lots of love shared!



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