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Afghans for Afghans Sweater Number One


It’s done!  Blocked and nearly dry, I can’t stop touching the fuzzy wooliness of this sweater.

A while back I posted on the charity knitting group called Afghans for Afghans I’ve been volunteering for.  I’ve helped in packing as well as knitting items for the needy in Afghanistan.  (Please visit the link for more details on the campaign, the program, and how you can join in a worthy cause.)

The recent campaign to knit 500 sweaters for girls ages 7-16 (yep…500) is off to a fine start. A new girls’ school is being built in Farza. These woolen, warm sweaters will be shipped off and distributed to girls who are going to school for the first time.  Winter’s bitter cold there. It warms my heart to think of someone tucked into this warm sweater.

The last tally I saw via the Ravelry group page was 88 made. That number doesn’t  include ones mailed in to headquarters.

Pattern:  Lopi Design #33 in Volume #17

Yarn:  Lopi and Lett Lopi (held double)

Gauge: 3.5 SPI

Needles:  10.5 foor color-work, 9 body and 7 ribbing

Finished measurements:

Back Length: 24″

Arm Length: 18″

Yoke Depth: 11″

Body Circumference: 32″

RAVELRY Project Page

Front yoke:

Back yoke showing the few short rows I added (between the blue arrows) to lift the neck up to prevent a gap and help the sweater sit on the shoulders better. Flikr’s editing tools really suck, BTW.


Big lesson learned: I put the back neck short-rows on the front of the body. This places the start of the round (there’s a blip where the color changes happen, subtle but there) on the front of the sweater.  Grrrr…

I cast on for a second. I hear we have until the end of July to complete projects.  I’m using Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters – The Child’s Seamless yoke pattern,  and the Fibonacci Rings patterning at the yoke. I have single skeins of Cascade 220 coming out of my ears so using them along with some black Knit Picks Gloss HW in my stash.  Gauge looking to be 3 SPI.  (Need to procure a worsted something to hold with the Gloss to make it 3 SPI.)

Here’s an early peek:

It’s bright and pretty!  Love the slipped stitch pattern. I’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Afghans for Afghans Sweater Number One

  1. what a cool charity to be part off. I’t such a practical idea, I love it!

    • Hey there, thanks for stopping by. I’m enjoying your blog. Used to make many garments, haven’t in ages. Yours are inspiring! I’ve linked to you on my blog to share. -Heather

  2. Wow – the sweater came out really well – I love the color combo. And the next one looks terrific too!

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