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Ketchup! ?Catsup?

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Does anyone use the word catsup?

So diligent I used to be at keeping up with this blog.  Looking at my 2013 photo folders, there are four road trips and more than half a dozen hikes I’ve photos from to share. Slacking…add another road trip from this past weekend. Oof!

Goals – I need to set some ketchup goals.

Random thoughts:

  • Niece Lillian’s now a week shy of two months and beautiful.  Look at that auburn hair!  Can’t wait to meet her in July. 

  • Mom and Pop visited in May. More on that later.  
  • Rent-a-goats were recently in the ‘hood clearing brush and grass off the steep hillsides.  The bleats, cries, bahhhs, human-like sounds and wee little kids bouncing across the hill entertained me to no end.   I’m’ easily amused.  


  • Sis Karen and her hubby Wes just visited and we had a ball.  More on that later.
  • Traveling to CO next week to visit old friends, do some climbing and get above treeline.
  • Pop retires in July so headed to MN then.
  • Looking for a new rental, something with a yard for gardening, trees, some peace and quiet.  Checking out a potential place tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.
  • Walked my longest hike ever last weekend, completely by accident, and still feeling it.  But in a good way.  Sorta.
  • Knitting lots, reading just a little, experimenting with cheese-making and have homemade yogurt dialed. I’ll share a recipe. It’s easy!


That’s about it.  Summer’s here and the weather’s glorious.  I don’t spend much time indoors. That must be why I’ve neglected blogging.





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