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Poppa’s Day


Dads. Man we learn a lot from them.

From my pop Harvey I’ve learned about patience. This man raised four daughters after all. He’s a saint!

Unconditional love. See the part about four daughters.

Career choices (like the time he told me I was nuts for wanting to apply for an Interior Design program-but he said it more nicely than that). It was great advice.

Tact in difficult situations. See above.

Parallel parking. On the way to my DL test we pulled onto a city street and I learned right then and there.

Hah ha. But seriously, I’m fortunate to have such wonderful parents as role models.

Happy dads’ day Pops!




2 thoughts on “Poppa’s Day

  1. Love this, Heather! Pics add to show the love 🙂

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