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Couple weeks ago my friend Amy came down from Sacramento for a surfing lesson in Bolinas.  The wicked heat wave plaguing the western US affected us here as well.  The Bay’s natural A/C was no match for the heat with days in the high nineties and moments over 100.  Farther inland (including SAC) roasted in the 100’s consistently.

Fortunately, tempered summer weather’s returned (70-80).

Amy (read about her hiking goals and outings),  my friend Michelle and I planned a picnic at Drakes Bay Oyster Company in Point Reyes National Seashore just a 40 or so minute drive from me.  I’ve developed a real taste for oysters, especially raw.  Here, you can buy ’em shucked or whole.  I’ve learned to shuck them myself, saving some dough and having fun while at it.

DBOC is a local  business at huge risk of closing down.  I whole-heartedly support their niche in the local economy and contribution to the health of Drake’s Estero. They have just as much a right to be there as the cows which have grazed the peninsula since the 1800’s.  Visit their website for more details.

L-R: Amy, Michelle and I


Oh what a spread we enjoyed!  Great picnic.

We snagged a picnic table right on the Estero. It was windy but we survived and enjoyed the sights, sounds and briny smells.

Because of the wind we picked a beach visit to Drakes Beach. Quite protected, one can usually find shelter from the strong winds which scour the outer coast of the peninsula (our original destination).  It was hot and calm.


Perfect for a beach nap, reading and knitting. After a snooze I worked on my Starry Night Ananke Shawl.  It’s knit out of Becoming Art Cielo Fingering Yarn.  The colors glow!



A most enjoyable day.







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