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CO Climb and Camp – July 2013

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Let’s go back to CO.  In addition to a fun day of climbing in Eldorado Canyon with Ed, Denise, Elasha and I had a morning of climbing at a little sport crag up clear Creek Canyon called the Canal Zone.  A quick approach (maybe a mile walk from downtown Golden?) several well-bolted routes and AM shade appeal to those seeking moderately-rated sport climbing.

Clear Creek flows down through Golden, CO.  The Creek’s been loved to death,  (kayaking, swimming, walking, picnicking).  I noted much needed riparian restoration is happening along the creek.

Lookout Mountain above Clear Creek. The “M’ is for CO School of Mines.

Denise, Elasha and I met at the rec center and walked up the creek, crossed the bridge, and headed up the hill to the crag.

The creek looking up canyon:

An aqueduct of some sort once snaked up the side of the canyon.  Remnants are still visible:

Saw some cactus not seen in my home-place.  No rattlesnakes were encountered, fortunately.

A trip above treeline was one of my CO trip requests.  Friends Kurt, Todd and I headed a ways west out I70 to Eagle, CO and headed south down Brush Creek Road.  Through a pretty valley studded with horse farms we went, then past Sylvan Lake State Park.

Passed a cattle drive.

Followed the dirt road about 20 miles out.

I think (but not sure) the mountains in the background are in the Holy Cross Wilderness.

So pretty!

We were headed for a  4×4 fire road above Lime Creek familiar to my travel companions.  It was gated.   Bummed, a bit of time was spent driving up other fire roads looking for the perfect campsite with a the most important qualifier, a VIEW.

And this we found.

Kurt set up a slack line, a source of entertainment new to me.

I wasn’t steady enough to walk sans poles.  I’d love a place with a yard so I may set one up.  It’s great balance exercise. I could feel my core working!

I also slacked in a hammock with a helluva view.  Napping bliss!

That night we enjoyed a campfire, smores and the Supermoon’s rise:

Glad to have some time, up high, camping with friends.  We were above 10,000′.  Boy could I feel it!  Living at sea level’s taken its toll on my altitude fitness.

Missing this sort of landscape.

One thought on “CO Climb and Camp – July 2013

  1. Thanks for taking us along with you. I felt like I was right there with you (without having to deal with the low-oxygen of 10,000 ft!)

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