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MN in July – Poppa Retires! On Chasing Rabbits, Baby Life Jackets and Mosquito Carnage.

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My dad retired in July.  He’s been a small practice Family Doctor for 38 years.  To MN I traveled for a week of family quality time and two celebrations in his honor.

The largest was at the golf course he’s golfed at those 38 years.  His co-workers and our family attended.   Was fun to catch up with many I haven’t seen in ages.

We managed to snap a family photo.

L-R: Moi, Bro-in-law Wes and sister Karen, dad (Harvey), mom (Marlys), Sis Rachel holding my new niece Lily, her hubby Tyler, sis Ali, Nephew Lucca standing (he had just finished hunting for rabbits in the bushes), and BIL Josh holding my other nephew Sam.  The rabbit hunt was a brilliant idea.  I’m learning the best way to entertain a squirrely 4 year old it to distract him.

My sisters crafted photo boards and rounded up mementos for all to see.  The name tag is from the original clinic building dad started at fresh out of school.  His school crossing guard certificate and a grade school report card were fun to see.  I didn’t know he had a box of such charming mementos.

Nephew Lucca showed us he could write his name.  (Dad and his sister Charlotte):

BIL Tyler and I took Lucca fishing.  Lucca brought his superman fishing pole and Tyler made him his own mini-tackle box.  What a good uncle!

Nothing was biting (not even a wee Sunfish).  Tyler, being the prepared and clever fish biologist he is, pulled out a seine net from his trunk and we pulled it through the water.

Lucca got a kick out of the fry (baby fish) the net revealed.  Just look at that smile!

My nephews are growing up so quickly. Time with them is precious.

Sam turned one in June.  He’s a mellow, smiley boy.  Almost walking on his own, he wasn’t ready to let go of furniture or one’s hand.  I hear he’s now taking some steps on his own.

I babysat Lily a couple times.  Nervous to do so,  I know nothing about infants and have not the secret placating weapons Rachel has.  ;  )

I introduced Lily to merino wool. Hey…can you foster a love for knitting at too young an age?


MN in July means hot weather. It was in the 90’s some days and muggy.

Karen and Wes kindly took us on a boat ride.

Swimming! It’s way too cold here in northern CA for swimming in the ocean.

I stink at swimming but love doggie paddling around in a warm lake. Karen and I practiced our cannonballs off the boat. I look forward to this each summer trip.  We also picnicked and swam in the St. Croix river another evening.

Wee Lily had a special infant-sized life jacket and sun hat.  Boy howdy was she pissed when first put on. She soon settled down. I wonder if it had a swaddling effect?

Boat rides are a ritual. So is eating fish from dad’s fishing trips. They take him WAY up in to Canada every year.  I enjoy eating the lake fish he saves for my summer trips.

Walleye-oh so good!

Karen and I went over to Wisconsin and attempted a hike at Kinnickinnic State Park.  We brought Loki, a sweet old Husky who’s in doggie geriatric years, now, but still loves a hike.

Up on the river bluff, the view was really pretty. But the mosquitoes!   Forgetting bug spray (why, oh why didn’t I think of that?) they drove us mad.  I can’t remember them ever being that thick. They weren’t bad next to the water.

We walked a short loop through the trees but nearly ran back to the car.

Was a week packed with family activity.  Looking forward to the next visit.

One thought on “MN in July – Poppa Retires! On Chasing Rabbits, Baby Life Jackets and Mosquito Carnage.

  1. You have such a nice family, Heather! Happy Labor Day, Jackie


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