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PC to Mac-Gah!

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Laptop got funky last week, crashing constantly. I’ve been looking for an excuse to change to a Mac for years.  Sure, I could have brought it in to the shop, had its ailment diagnosed and a repair quoted.  But…

They say Virgos ruminate and live in their heads.  They also say we process info and thoroughly examine all options.  Sometimes that’s the way I roll. Other times I saunter to the Apple store to research laptops.

Hah!  I knew I’d walk out with one. Who was I kidding?

A sleek and sexy glowing, silver machine on my lap, I type feeling like I did the first time I learned to use a mouse – awkward as hell.

I have SO MUCH to learn! Just tried previewing then uploading pics and it didn’t go well.  I’m going to need many of those one on one appts I paid extra for.   I should use some of those online tutorial videos they tout.  But I’m not really a read the full directions kind of gal.

Guess I’ll need to be.

Some random ketchup kind of stuff:

  • I also replaced my broken camera with a new Fuji point and shoot 20X. I really wanted a dust (erm…beach sand) proof one but after researching the options, they just don’t take good photos.  A goal I have of learning how to use its manual settings.  Community ED has a  class I may register for.
  • Been nursing an irritated, old lower back injury to the tune of two months, now.  Been a slow, long haul. I was enjoying 9 mile hikes before the Fourth of July. Now I’m tired and sore after 4. Sigh…starting over sucks.
  • I turn 39 next Wednesday.
  • A two week road trip begins in two weeks.  So excited, need to start some planning.  PNW and British Columbia here I come!
  • Been selfish knitting, not making Christmas gifts this year.  I’m on an accessory kick and loving it.
  • Continuing the Preserves learning curve with apricot-ginger jam and apple butter added to my pantry.
  • Looking forward to fall, cooler temps, rain, and green hills.

No pics though I have material from months ago I’d love to share.

Working on it!

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