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Limantour Spit – Finally Making it to the End

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BTW:  There’s a video of the end goal at the end of this post if you want to scroll past all.


I’ve walked on Limantour Spit many times, explored the beach way down its south end at exceptionally minus tide to see some pretty cool rock formations.  Its other end, the point of the spit that meets the mouth of Drakes Estero, I’ve examined many a time through binoculars from Drake’s Beach.

Rehabbing an angry lower back the last couple months is like starting over condition-wise. Needing a mood lifter, this romp into unexplored territory did the trick.  Come to think of it, finding new places has a way of doing that for me.

Here’s a map I found on the National Park Service website that shows the shape of the Point Reyes Peninsula.  It’s not the sharpest but shows how it attaches to the mainland.  Take a gander at a previous post of mine for info on its geological uniqueness.  Tomales Point (written of  in the linked post above) is the tippy top.  Tomales Bay is the sliver of water that seperates it from the mainland.  Drakes Bay is the lovely, half-moon shaped crescent in the middle.  Drakes Estero forms the fingers of water at the top of Drakes Bay.  The spit is barely discernable at the lower mouth of the estero.

The day started with an early lunch at Drakes Bay Oyster Company.  A completed lease from the NPS started a long court case that may end their existence. I’m enjoying it while I can.  The estero has four fingers and a fifth that curves along the spit (Estero de Limantour.)  DBOC is at the top of Schooner Bay.

Having a tough time getting panoramas large enough via this new Mac. It doesn’t seem to play well with Flikr.  A learning curve I’m slogging up.  Also, the day was very cloudy and the colors look quite flat.  I’ve signed up for a  beginning digital photography class in October and hope to learn how to better work with that.


Farm workers:


Lunch. Love the briny oysters:


Limantour spit is on another part of the peninsula. Here, a pretty view of the spit and its dunes stretching towards Drakes Bay.  My walk took me along the ocean’s edge  all the way out.


After about a half mile past the parking lot I had he whole walk to myself except resident birds.

I think these are Sanderlings, scampering to and from the waterline looking for morsels.


Jellyfish large and small:



A side trip up into the dune grass:


A peek over the dunes. I don’t know much about this sort of dune environment.  Just started a book on the Natural History of the Point Reyes Peninsula to learn more.


Once I got to the end of the spit (?two or so miles?) my curiosity got the best of me.  Tide was low so I walked across mud-flats, observed the holes in the mud from clams, I think.  Checked out the different shells.  Maybe 50 yards form the true end of the spit I stopped.  I’m lousy at estimating distances, BTW.  There is a colony of seals that like to haul out on sandbars at the mouth.  From atop a dune I watched them with binoculars, trying not to disturb them.

Finally, a video I took with my new camera. Like the new Mac, still working along its learning curve.  Wow I moved that camera too quickly. Hope you don’t get motion sickness. I think the battery was about to die and I was rushing.

I can’t wait to return. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies out there.

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