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What’s New – Knitting in a Blue Theme and Packing for a Road Trip

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In two days I leave for a two week road trip.  Wish I could leave now.  I’ll visit a friend in Bend, OR and head back to Port Townsend, WA and over to Vancouver (the city and the island).

There’s packing to be done.   Most knitters would agree, the toughest part of packing for a trip is not which shoes to leave at home or whether to check a bag, it’s “What knitting do I bring?”

Packing other stuff is easy.  Camping gear is always the same. Clothing, well, I don’t stress over that.  Won’t need anything fancy.

I’ve been knitting accessories.  Blue accessories. Seems I’m pulled to blue these days.

Two of the three hats shown below turned out huge and need to be frogged.  One I’ve already reknit.  The mitts I just love.  Pattern’s called Drystone Mitts by Dani Sunshine  (Ravelry Link).   The hats I’ll detail more in another post when reknit and blocked.




I’ve chosen not to stress over Christmas knitting this year.  Making ‘me’ stuff instead.

And the theme is blue.



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