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Instead of Wordless Wednesday – The Way to Bend, OR


Good morning from The Sparrow Bakery in Bend, OR.  Strong coffee’s waking me up.

Yesterday, the road trip I’ve been longing for began.  After 9.5 hours of driving  I landed here at an old friend’s home.

A brisk walk along the Deschutes River and through town stretched my legs and helped untie the twisted knot of my back (sitting…grumble).   Brisk, it was in the low 40’s F last night, a temp I experience only now and then in Northern CA winters.  Felt good to bundle up in a hat and mittens.

Robert wore a light sweatshirt and shorts. He’s a bit of a mutant temp wise. I’ve always known him to wear shorts even in CO winters (where we first met).  A little girl in a tee shirt this AM confirmed what I know, I’ve gotten soft.

I’d like to share some pics from the drive yesterday.

Mt shasta was cloaked in clouds. Just a bit peeked out along her flanks:




It’s been awhile since I’ve been in high desert settings.  I miss it.  Wet pavement, low and heavy clouds, bright green sage and red dirt confirmed rain visited before I arrived.   Snow clings already.



Started listening to Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy (Wikipedia summary) on CD.   His writing I apreciate for its spare yet strong imagery and themes of the west pre-20th century (which fascinates me).  It’s a coarse, somewhat brutal story but helps the drive move along.

This landscape brings me into the story’s location a bit.  It’s not the Texas/Mexico desert but a helluva lot closer than Northern CA. The light was just so.





Today, I’ll walk around downtown Bend and some of its neighborhoods.  A knit shop visit and plenty of quite time to knit I’ve planned.  Tomorrow, a trip to Sisters, OR for hiking, a fish hatchery visit and general sightseeing.  Portland I’ll visit this weekend then off to Port Townsend, WA to see friends. Finally, a trip to Vancouver, BC.

Feeling life un-peel and loosen up a bit.  Glad for the adventure.




5 thoughts on “Instead of Wordless Wednesday – The Way to Bend, OR

  1. Enjoy Bend while you are here! Great images! I love how you were able to capture the appeal of the high desert with the clouds. It adds a layer of mystery. Well done.

  2. Just happened to take my rare peek at your blog and wanted to say hi and admire your views. Beautiful pics. Your photos always draw me. What a grand landscape. Makes me want to escape my beautiful home landscape for the open road. Have a great trip. thea

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