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Welcome to My New Backyard – Fort Townsend State Park


Hello from  Port Townsend, WA.

In one week it will be my new home.  I flew up a few days ago to look for a new place to live. Massive stress this detail’s been.  Today it all came together – I found the right home.

Needing some stress relief, a walk I took in Fort Townsend State Park just on the edge of town.

This is a pithy explanation of the park’s history.  You know I like to get into details.  I’ll learn and share more in the future.

Built in 1856 by the U.S. Army, Fort Townsend’s purpose was to protect settlers.  Fire destroyed the barracks in 1895.  WWII employed the site as an enemy-munitions defusing station.  State Parks took custody in 1953.  6 miles of hiking (and biking on some) trails wind through mostly large trees (I noted Cedar and Douglas Fir.)  The main (?Parade Grounds?) terraces and open space are kept mowed.  Interpretive signs along a trail show photos of the buildings that once stood.  There really is not much left. I noted a few stone foundation rocks.

Craving beach time, I arrived just after high tide and walked the beach maybe a half-mile until thick brush up to the water stopped me.

Here’s  a tiny (can’t quite figure out how to get ’em larger) panorama of the bay from the beach.  The paper mill is on the left. You can see the steam rising. Indian Island is on the right horizon.


The beach I ambled along:


Interesting to compare beach-combing finds to CA beach finds.  Lots of gorgeous, green rocks I noted and granite, lots of it:


Have you seen Big Leaf Maples?  I discovered them last year when up in this area.  With leaves up to 12″ wide, they display bold, bright yellow leaves in the fall.  They are glorious right now despite seeming past their peak.

How’s this for scale?  I have huge hands:


They pop against all the green:



Spent, browned leaves carpeted the trail in places. Made me think of the leaf piles and leaf-houses we made as kids.  The houses involved raking up rows of leaves to make outlines of rooms. Pretty creative, eh?


Looking down on the forest floor I spotted many different types of mushrooms.



A violet (?) of sorts:


Cedars – new to me:


Tomorrow I’m headed to another park about 45 minutes out of town.  Or maybe I’ll hike in Olympic  National Park.  Choices…

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Backyard – Fort Townsend State Park

  1. Love your photos. I also like to knit 🙂 Annie

  2. Awesome! Looks great around there. I have never been to Port Townsend, but I hear it’s really nice. From what I have seen online it looks amazing! Congrats on your new home 😉

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