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Dungeness Spit – Exploring My New Backyard


Sunday I needed to back away from the boxes and unpacking and take in some good ol’fashioned scenery, sniff some fresh air and steady the swirl life’s become.  The new job started on Monday. More on that later.

In Sequim, WA, about 30-45 minutes away (depending on who you are driving behind) is a county park I’d read of called Dungeness Recreation Area.  Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge shares its boundaries.

Here’s a park map pic of where it’s located on the Olympic Peninsula. Port Townsend is on the farthest thumb of land to the right of the red arrow.  Kinda looks like a dinosaur head.



In 1915 President Wilson set aside the 636 acres as a refuge for native birds.  Eelgrass beds and tide flats provide rich habitat yielding food and winter shelter.  Young steelhead and salmon also use the eelgrass beds as nurseries.

The sand spit (5.5 miles from shore to tip) shelters a small bay which is off limits to people.  A forested upland area has hiking trails, camping, and picnic areas to enjoy.

Formed ten to twenty thousand years ago during a glacial period, the spit is one of only a few of its type in the world.

Heres a pic of the lighthouse, WAY out there, from the road just before the park entrance:




A half mile walk along and down the bluff takes one to the crook of the spit where it meets the beach and the bay to the walker’s right.

Looking out the spit, there was  rainbow that barely shows to the left. The lighthouse is the white object on the right.




Just can’t figure out the panoramic’s sizing. Here’s one anyhoo:




I believe this is Victoria, way across the Strait on Vancouver Island:




This Great Blue Heron was on the opposite side of the spit which is roped off from all human contact.




Been enjoying the beach rocks. They are much more colorful than in CA. Must learn them.






The walk up top is thick forest, green and lush.  Seems I have a smudge on my camera lens which obscured most all pics I took on the trail. Here’s one that’s fuzzy but you get an idea of the huge trees and thick ferns and salal below:






Found some wee little mushrooms:






Got bit by a stinging nettle plant while taking above pic.  This was my first encounter with them.  Ouch!  Sting lasts a couple days.



Lesson learned!


Treated to a sight not seen in ages – snow capped mountains.  There’s a whole lotta Olympic mountains up there just waiting for me.




A fine outing this was.




3 thoughts on “Dungeness Spit – Exploring My New Backyard

  1. Fabulous!! Thanks for posting and the pix. Sorry about the stinging nettle.

  2. We took this hike many times with our children and now this is our new back yard. Excited to find your blog I am following you now Melody.

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