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A Chilly Bike Ride on Whidbey Island

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I’d like to be less dependent on my car and move by foot and bike more often.  Today I defied cold weather. My friend Scott is a dedicated bicyclist. Weather does not stop him. He joined  me on an excursion I may not have taken solo.

We met at the Port Townsend/Keystone Ferry on bikes.  The 45 minute ride across to Whidbey Island is much cheaper by bike, $3.65 vs. $13.45 each way for a vehicle and car.

A cold, clear day revealed Mt. Baker behind town:





Last trip on Whidbey the Olympic Mtns. were cloaked in clouds. Today the silhouette showed.  These are the mountains that stretch down the Olympic Peninsula high above my little town.



We passed Ebey’s Prarie, the stretch of farmland that nudges up to the bluffs of Ebey’s Landing State Park.  This is where I hiked last time here.


Four miles on Engle Rd. took us to Coupeville.


Knead and Feed’s  homemade soup and sandwich’s fueled our fires for the cold day.  

Found the Kettle’s Trail, a paved multi-use path that parallels Hwy 20, and followed it a mile or so into Kettles Recreation Area. I unlocked my front fork for some trail riding.  It was pretty mellow with just a few STEEP downhills that made me nervous. I am not a talented, technical bike rider.


A tightly twisted network of trails wind through the Rec.  area and into Fort Ebey State Park.  This park protects the land between Penn Cove and Partridge Point, which marks the Strait of Juan de Fuca’s bend off Admiralty Inlet.

Returned to the Ferry via Cook and Ebey’s Landing beach.




A brilliant sunset washed the ocean in pink and orange during the Ferry ride back home.  Photo didn’t turn out. Mt. Baker lit up pink as well, fading to match the blue horizon. Was a beautiful end to a day.

I stayed surprisingly warm today, something I was dubious of.  Helped me realize I can comfortable ride my bike in cold weather.  Great lesson learned!

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