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2013 Knitting Wrap-Up

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At the end of the year I tidy up my Ravelry projects page and enter my knitting yardage into my Knitmeter account, the source of the fun widgets you see on the sidebar with my yearly knitting yardage.

A nasty bout of tennis elbow (and I surely don’t play tennis) put knitting on hold from September to just now.  It’s killed me! I’ve picked up small projects for a few tenuous rows now and then.  Only in the last week have I been able to get some real mileage knit.  Still…I have to be careful, take breaks, and not overdo it.  I’ve found a new massage therapist up here who’s helped immensely.  Outstanding health insurance I just started that will allow me to have full, affordable knee and lower back treatment for the first time in YEARS.

Back to knitting.

Christmas knitting was limited due to the arm thing.  I really missed this part of the holidays despite frequent whining laments over cramming in last-minute projects.

What I did manage to make:

A stocking for my nephew Sammy.  RAVELRY link


A wee fox ornament for my BIL Wes per Karen’s request.  She’s so sneaky!  Yearly they give each other themed ornaments.  apparently a little fox took residence in their yard and she asked if I could knit a little fox.  See Ravelry link for pattern details.  I’ll surely make more of the critters for next year.  Karen’s requested an advent calendar (knitted) for 2014.

Ravelry Link

IMG_1576 2

Here’s a  shawlette lost in the shuffle from last spring. Find a Penny is a fun, quick, one skein worsted weight knit.  It could be made larger or the gauge changed.  Both I’ve made I intended to give as gifts but loved them so, just couldn’t part with them.  Yarn is Manos Maxima, yummy soft.  Ravelry link.



What’s on the needles now?

I cast on Mina eons ago.  Living in a cool, damp climate now, I live in sweaters and woolen clothes which weren’t all that practical to CA. Mina’s a simple, boxy cardigan that will be great for around the house and out and about.  I also have a sizeable stash of Lopi Icelandic wool that is begging me to dive in.  It’s taking great will-power to finish Mina first.

Ravelry link:

Knitting on a 10.5 needle makes the time fly.  Being an Noro yarn addict, the colors keep me interested.


IMG_1732 2

February is Ravelenics Month at Ravelry.  I’ll be setting Mina aside to join in on the mittens and socks stockpile for Afghans for Afghans.  More on that in the next post.

I’ll address 2013 Knitting Resolutions later as well.



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