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Afghans for Afghans Revellenic Games Mittens and Socks Stockpile

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Afghans for Afghans is a charitable group that supplies handmade warm, wooly hats, mittens, socks and sweaters to orphans and children in need in Afghanistan.  I’ve been knitting for them and used to volunteer to pack when San Francisco was a short ferry ride away. has a fun event that coincides with the winter Olympics called Ravellenics.  It used to be called Ravelympics but some folks at the Olympics got upset over name use infringement.  Although I find that completely silly, it is what it is and thus the name changed.

I haven’t participated in ages.  Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

1) You plan as many projects ahead of the games you’d like.

2) You create a project page for each item, selecting the tag for the Ravellenic games, adding a tag for the team you’re on (example for me is Team Afghans for Afghans) and tag the project for the actual event you are entering. In this case I’ll use Mitten Moguls or Sock Hockey.  Additional tags (as many as apply) can be added to each project such as: Cable Cross-Country, Charity Curling, or Stash Skeleton (items made from yarn languishing 6 months or longer.  I’ve got that one covered.)

3) Cast on is when the opening games coincide with your time zone ( 0800 for me) on 2/7 and knitting ceases on 2/23 at midnight

4) I’ll post finished pics to a thread on Ravelry and they’ll send me a badge I can post on this blog.

Yesterday I stash dove and pulled odd balls and miscellaneous out that lends itself well to this.



I gathered up patterns both in books and leaflets.

Looking forward to starting this challenge.  What’s my challenge?

I’d like to make four pairs of mittens.  I think that’s what my arm can handle in such a short period of time.  Perhaps I can better that.  Will keep you posted.

Check out the tree-house view out the window above. I’ve been pulling my sewing room together.  Yep…a real, dedicated crafting room. Haven’t had one since 2008-2009.

On the bright side, primroses are popping up in folks’ yards everywhere. I just had to join in.  Planted these yesterday:







It’s been unseasonably warm here in the PNW. Spooky warm.  Bulbs are sending up tender shoots and flowering shrubs are unfolding buds.  I saw blooms on a lone cherry tree the other day.  Hope they aren’t all shocked by a freeze.

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