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2013 Knitting Resolutions – How’d I do? – Big ol ‘Meh!

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Time to wrap up and see how I did.

  1. Knit 5 out of 7 days per week. I averaged every other day last year.  Not sure.  Didn’t keep a journal.  Tennis Elbow really slowed me down after September.  It doesn’t feel like I knit as much as last year but I seem to have more smaller projects on my Ravelry project page and my knitting yardage was a wee bit more. 
  2. Use up  four stash items per one purchased.  (Notice I’m starting to make deals with myself?) Heh…Stitches West doesn’t count.  Again, didn’t firmly track but I think I did well.  Before moving I purged/sold much stash via Ravelry. Feels good to lighten the load. Still…my stash overfloweth.  Since admitting one has a problem is a hurdle to jump, here goes: 

IMG_1728 2


FIVE plus tote boxes of yarn are proof of stash overload.  Note one’s lid bulges.  This year I’ll actually document what comes out and pay more attention.

3. Finish a minimum one item per month EVERY month.  Did great until September and the arm issue.

4.  Knit for a charity, having Afghans for Afghans  in mind.  Check.

5.  Knit three sweaters for myself.  Nope.  But I made two for Afghans for Afghans and two for my niece Lily.

6. Join a knitalong on Ravelry. Nope. Not interested in this anymore.

7.  Finish all 2013 Christmas gifts by December 20, 2013.  For real.  I mean it.  Nope.  Failed miserably. Once I rallied to begin the projects that tennis elbow struck and I just couldn’t do it which was disaspointing. 

8.  Learn how to properly customize a sweater with bust darts.  Read up and learned a lot about how to do this.  Will add some into the next sweater I knit after I finish my Mina. 

9. Use an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern (recipe) to knit a sweater. Probably this one:  Nope Again

Saddle Shoulder Aran


Sigh.  What am I planning for 2014?  Good question.  I’ll get back to ya.

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