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2014 Knitting Resolutions – Making them Realistic

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Last year’s crash and firey burn of resolutions proved I need to ease up.  Aim low, people!  ;  )

Seriously…there were way too many “Nope’s” on my wrap up.  Goals should be achievable.


I’m simplifying.

  1. Knit 4 out of 7 days per week.  Track it.
  2. Limit all projects to stash yarn ONLY with the exception of add’l skeins needed to finish a project or one or two to supplement what’s already in the stash.  This is going to be difficult.  I’ll allow new yarn purchases at the rate of one skein ONLY per 6 used. (Slapping forehead with hand and muttering.)
  3. Finish a minimum one item per month EVERY month.
  4. Make a minimum 6 pairs of mittens for  Afghans for Afghans.
  5. Knit two sweaters for myself.
  6. Finish all 2014 Christmas gifts by December 15, 2013.  I’d like to knit for 5 people. That’s one project every two months with due dates of: April 1, June 1, August 1, October 1, December 1

That’s it!  That’s all.  Maybe I’ll think of something else in the coming year.

One thought on “2014 Knitting Resolutions – Making them Realistic

  1. Sounds reasonable, except for the stash acquisition part. (I know, I have a problem, don’t I?)

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