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Ever Been to Churchmouse Yarn and Teas?

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Churchmouse Yarn and Teas = Eyecandy for the knitter.

On Bainbridge Island a bit over an hour from me and a short ferry ride from downtown Seattle, Churchmouse can best be described as a cozy, more upscale yarn shop.  Though they sell some hard-working staples (Cascade 220, Brown Sheep products) they artfully display higher end yarns such as Rowan.

A bi-monthly trip I take to Silverdale to run errands for things I can’t find in my small town.  I loathe the trip to strip malls and big-box stores and am weaning myself off them.  A jaunt to Churchmouse was the carrot on the stick that day.

There’s no shortage of samples displayed.  Books and leaflets accompany displays to inspire.

Churchmouse has numerous patterns of their own design.


The gals that work there are very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

A rack of cowls and scarves.  Having used 6 skeins up as of late I treated myself to one ball of Rowan Felted Tweed to add to two I have on hand to knit up a cowl displayed on this rack. They gave me the pattern as a freebie. (It’s the green, blue and gray striped number on the lower row.  Mine will be rust, teal and a sap-yellow color.)



Churchmouse is a PNW distributer of Brooklyn Tweed’s  yarns Shelter and Loft.  I’ve been watching Jared Flood’s blog for years.  Quite the successful business he’s built. If you aren’t familliar with his wools and patterns I encourage you to peruse.  The look books are exquisite (he is a talented photographer).  They have a trunk show of the latest collection (BT Winter 2014).  The cabinet to the left of the garments holds a spectrum of Shelter.   I’ve several single skeins of his worsted weight Shelter in my stash.  The rustic yet wooly and lofty hand has me hooked.  I went weak-in-the-knees for the Landfall Coat.




Tams made up in  Loft:



Buttons in natural materials abound:




Displays are thoughtful, colorful and just plain pretty.



I’m not into tea shops.  But if you are, it seems they have a wide selection. I also noted embroidery supplies.

If you’re in the neighborhood or visiting Seattle, Bainbridge Island is a fun side trip and Churchmouse a fun stop.


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