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Deer/Slugs/and stink that’s totally worth it

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My gosh I haven’t posted in almost a month.

Posts delayed:  a piece on barnacles with fascinating photos, a few hikes with much new flora to learn of, a trip to see family in MN, a road trip to the south west corner of Vancouver Island, a couple knitting projects (one a Christmas gift so no spoiler pics of that), and my fledgling garden.

I haven’t had a real veggie garden since I was in college.  The first time.  20 years ago.  I’ve dabbled in potted flowers and herbs. This is the real thing folks.  My beau (he’s new too, and what a trajectory we are on) built the compound and a lovely arbor.  I call the fenced enclosure a compound because the deer are eating my yard to pieces.  Nothing’s safe.  Even “deer-proof” plants are nibbled on.  I’m running out of new expletives.  There’s a test to a new relationship, eh?  How well does a guy handle sudden shouts of agony from my finding another mowed-down pansy or marigold?  Tonight I thumbed my nose at em’ all.  My arsenal includes: deer spray (a sulfur-based potion), slug-luring pellets (minerals, magnesium?) and beer in cat food cans in the garden (works well).    I also applied worm tea tonight to the plants.   I caught a whiff of myself before changing out of my grubby clothes. Ew!

But it’s a good ew.

A couple weeks from solstice, it’s light until almost 9:30 PM. Incredible.  Was it light so late when I grew up in MN?  I don’t remember that.  Weather’s been absolutely lovely.  Some nights I stagger in after nine famished, tired, realizing I forgot to eat.

Blogging’s still on the to-do list.  I hope to share some photos with you this week.

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