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A Tale of a Fledgling Garden

First, start with a good looking guy, with a passion for gardening, who loves to work hard preparing soil.

The rental property I’m at has a couple terraces, once gardened, that were begging for rejuvenation.



Pete and I try our American Gothic pose:




Stern looks aren’t my thing.  Couldn’t hold this for long.



Peter being a skilled craftsman, a removable deer fence (which I call the “compound,”) was in the works.  You just can’t garden here without one.  Situated on a wooded ravine, this property is scenic and lush.  It also makes us stop number one on the deer-buffet circuit.  A beautiful arbor is now in place.



In went some seeds;  peas, favas, some lettuce and kale.




Potatoes went in (not fenced, they are left alone.)



I started some squash and pickling cucumber seeds indoors.  Can’t find the pic I took of the wee, sprouted plants.


My usual patient self was getting antsy for signs of life.  The first potato plant reassured me we were on to something.


Time lapsed, heres a peek at the garden a week or so ago.

The fence is up, we’ve added chives, dill, basil, peppers, onions, tomatoes (though they’re looking tough), various annuals (pansies, I’m a total sucker for them), nasturtiums, the cuke starts fed the slugs, pumpkin, herbs, bush beans, and more I’m forgetting.

I’ll snap some new pics for you all today.



I haven’t enjoyed a garden of this sort in 20 years.  Getting out and tending it is so therapeutic.

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