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Spring Yard Flowers

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Delayed but oh-so-pretty pics for your enjoyment—–

Spring turned my yard into a scented paradise with flora both new to me and familiar from past times.

The garden’s looking awfully pretty.   It’s raining now.  Pics to come later.


Two varieties of lilac perfumed the yard.  I’d come home from work at night and walk into a wall of scent.  I kept the house full of bouquets while I could.  Lilacs I associate with growing up in MN – esp. my maternal grandma’s yard.




Roses, on a huge bush (dwarfs my car, can it really be called a bush?) probably planted in the thirties when the house was put up.   The neighbor labeled it as BELLE of PORTUGAL in variety.  I could not pass without stopping for a sniff.  Oh they are lovely and thankfully not finished for the year.   A few buds linger, promising more.



Rhododendrons dot the yard.  This red one is huge.



A quince, tangled up in Himalayan Blackberry canes, sits behind the shed.  This yard has plenty of established flora.  Much love is needed to make up for several years of renters’ neglect.



The mysterious flowering tree was identified by my landlord as a pear tree.  The blooms were beautiful.  I’ve noted apples on local trees.  Already!  Today I’ll check for wee pear fruits.


One huge cherry tree now has fruit.  The birds are having a hay-day. Yesterday I watched with amusement as a chipmunk worked  away at a cherry.

Look up into the blooms:



They smelled fantastic.



Other long-term flora greeted me this summer including:  thimbleberries, foxglove, creeping buttercup, English Daisies and Poppies.  What a treat to potter about and tend a real yard. It’s been years.  The work is therapeutic.


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