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Gardening, Knitting, Nesting – An Update

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As usual, I’m way behind on posting stuff. I’ve a hike and a road trip to share.  For now, a mini-update on what’s new.

Knitting:  Baby shower in April for sis Karen is coming up. I’ve made this little Leaf Lace set before.  It’s so stinkin’ cute!  Hope she likes it and isn’t peeking.  Yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash in a juicy berry color.  Also getting near the finish of my Mina Cardigan, which has been on the needles 2 days shy of two years.  Thank you,  Ravelry, for the reminder to the date.  Second sleeve is nearly done. A bit of seaming, a shawl collar and it shall be done.  The Lopi stash wants me to make a Riddari. I resist. Must finish Mina first.


Been busy outside.  Yard’s never been gardened or landscaped. It’s a blank slate. It makes me want to get going and have it all done yesterday.  Arrrgh!

A path’s going in to the front door and around the side yard.



The soil’s compacted glacial till, hard as a rock.  A pick-axe is needed to bust through.  I forsee a trip to an equipment rental shop to get something that digs.  My goal is to get rid of most of the grass and replace it with fruit trees, plantings (shrubs, veggies, flowers) and maybe a dry river bed sort of feature in front.  It’s going to take a lot of time, work and patience.  Pete’s building flower boxes that will dress up the windows.

The front steps are getting a makeover until they can be rebuilt out wider and more gracious-looking. A coat of dark brown, non-slip paint and a painted front door are planned for when it dries out a bit.

I’ve ALWAYS wanted a door the color of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Sherwin Williams makes a red called Fireweed that is supposed to be a close match.  The middle red, below, is it.  It’s a bit more orange than the photo shows. I just love it!


On to the back yard. Oh the back yard.  One corner is very low. Drainage from the hillside above me and the downspouts pools in quite a depression.  The vision is to turn it into a native plant-woodsy-garden. I’d like to get more bird and frog habitat in there. This will require trenching out a more defined “moat” of sorts to facillitate drainage. We’ll  put in some drain culvert, and raise up the back end and middle with fill to allow a path through. Fortunately, we have a huge pile of sand from digging up the front yard that will work well.

The brush pile mid-photo is now about twice that height.  A thicket of completely overgrown holly, himalayan raspberry,  and some other sort of thorn-covered nastiness, We’ve left in some wild roses, snowberry, ferns and salal. The trees are willows and now sport lovely, pale green baby leaves.  I’d like to put some rhododendrons in. I’ve planted huckleberry, red elderberry, a white pine and flowering currants. This project will be a lengthy one.

A raised bed is planted with cool weather greens (rabe, spinach, lettuce and miners lettuce) and chives.



Huckleberry from the native plant sale.



My awesome neighbors contributed three spring bearing and three fall bearing raspberry canes as well as some rhubarb to the cause. I just love that gardening can be an act of sharing. There’s a seed and plant swap at the Grange coming up I’d like to go to.


Wee little spinach plants. Come on sun!  Get these guys going.


I get impatient.  Last year I learned a lesson that all the planting will erupt into a mad explosion of color. In the mean time, I’ve been slowing myself to enjoy the little pleasures like these crocus I planted shortly after moving in.






And this Bleeding Heart Pete found bravely sprouting up in a yard waste pile he unearthed. Pretty little thing!


There will be much more to share!


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