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2015 Knitting Goals – Let’s call ’em goals from now on.

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Why do I write this post yearly?  [Why am I writing this 3 months into the year?  Ha Ha!]

I don’t believe in personal new years resolutions.  If I need to get my act together or work on something personal I just do it.  I may be rather Virgo-pragmatic-organized-stubborn but I don’t map out my actions for the entire year. For knitting I benefit from a bit of structure.  I get startitis, becoming overwhelmed by the prospect of casting on a new project, sifting and sorting through the stash in a glazed-in-the-eyes sort of way, far from monogamous to the project on the needles.  I’m also distracted from knitting by now having a great sewing room set up, a yard and garden to play in, and the urge to hike for hours whenever I can.

So much to do!

2015 will be the year of just letting the knitting be what it is – with just a bit of structure.  ;  )

2015 Knitting Goals 

  1. Knit 3/7 days per week, even if its just a few rows or 5 minutes in a day.  Bring knitting to work with me and retreat to it on a break, even for just a couple minutes. Keep something with me always.  Don’t record the days.  Just self-monitor.
  2. Use Afghans for Afghans projects as portable projects, simple projects that require little focus/attention.  Use them to experiment with new stitch patterns.  Use up those odds n ends of worsted weight partial skeins I have.
  3. Have all Christmas gifts completed by December 15, 2015.  Get a stash of birthday knitting together.  (All sisters have fall birthdays which makes for a crunch if I’m not prepared.)  Focus on simpler, smaller gifts.
  4. Make two sweaters for myself this year. This is totally attainable.  One is nearly done.
  5. Document my stash in Ravelry.  There’s a small fortune there.  And it’s not recorded. Being a new homeowner, I need to check with my insurance company and see how to document belongings in case of catastrophe.  Cull the stash.  Really look at it and bid farewell to what I am not using.  Fingering weight, sorry but that means you.
  6. Keep the knit it out/add to stash ratio at 4 skeins used to 1 added.  Track it. Otherwise it’s a lost cause. And damn you WEBS for the Anniversary sale preview video in my email this AM.  I really need to unsubscribe from such emails.  But I won’t.
  7. Knit some home decorating items this year such as cabled or colorwork pillow covers, an afghan (that may be a bit lofty a goal).

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