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Sewing Stuff-Cushions, A Shower Curtain, and a Flashback


I’ve been stricken with the plague. Most of the last 7 days I’ve spent asleep or in a stupor.  Today was a breakthrough in that I enjoyed a whole press-pot of coffee this AM. I also mustered up the energy to weave in the ends on a few knitting projects which are now blocking.  Some are a top-secret so pics will have to wait until I gift them.  In the meantime,  I’ve a few sewing projects to share.


The cotton velvet orange lumbar cushion I made with an exposed zipper. I like its gold teeth next to the orange fabric. I’ve a thing for navy and orange these days.

These new cushions sewn for my couch brighten up the room and the colors work well with a new quilt.  Here’s a pic of it all spread out on the back fence (before I quilted it).


To my delight, I found this slice of yellow embroidered silk and solid red silk in my stash. I don’t remember buying either. What a find! With just a sliver of the yellow, I used every inch as an insert into the red front. Two solid, navy pillows, deco-abric from Britex in San Francisco (I do remember buying that) help settle down the riot of colors. I think…sorta.


A floor cushion was a breeze to make. At the local Habitat for Humanity thrift shop I found a length of woven, obviously imported fabric, though I’m not sure from where.  A huge, firmly stuffed pillow (conveniently there as well) makes for a comfy seat.


Isn’t it pretty?  There’s metallic gold thread in there.


This orange pillow slip has a history, one I first shared with you back in 2008.  Made in India, I purchased it at the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe while living and working in Albuquerque.  It’s been in many different homes with me.  Just look at all that dense hand stitching.  Colored thread on the yellow background denotes areas of color. It depicts women cooking, doing tasks, using a hand water pump. Check out the propane stove in the lower right hand corner.  I just love this piece. And I love the memories associated with this road trip and the festival I attended.  Next year it’s scheduled for July 8-10.  How I’d love to return.

Why’s it so special? Since 2004, more than 750 artists from 92 countries have sold and displayed their art.  They receive 90% of the profits.  Total sales, thus far, exceed $21 million. You can see photos of artists working their craft on this old post I made in 2008. I don’t know why WordPress has changed all the formatting making it look odd. Never-the-less, I just enjoyed revisiting the photos.


Ok. The shower curtain.  After making our new bed quilt, being in the fabric stash-diving mode, I figured out how to make a shower curtain using 16 fat quarters.


After trimming all to the same size, I laid them out in a pleasing manner and seamed them up. All seams I serged.  Needing length, and to help meld the riot of patterns, I added a header with buttonholes in the most fabulous salmon color.

Piece of cake!  What a great way to use up fat quarters. One could slowly collect a bunch for this, or purchase a set.  Hmmm…

2 thoughts on “Sewing Stuff-Cushions, A Shower Curtain, and a Flashback

  1. Hi Heather,
    Sorry you have been sick but glad you are feeling better. I loved all the garden pics in the previous post and all your sewing is beautiful. Very colorful and full of happiness.

  2. Hello, Cathy! Thanks for saying hi and sharing some happiness with me. Stay tuned for some road trip photos, should go up tomorrow. Cheers!

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