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Charity Quilts for Syrian Refugees-September, 2015


Today I taped up a box full of love. Via Ravelry I found a group called Hats and More for War-Torn Syria.  Sadly, the charity I knit for in the past, Afghans for Afghans cannot ship anything because of the country’s instability.

War and strife cause me great sadness. Charitable knitting, and now sewing, help me deal with those feelings, feeling like I can contribute something to meet others needs, to infuse some sort of happiness into dour situations.  One year ago I shared a post with a link to a photo of an Afghan girl holding up the Icelandic sweater I made for that campaign. How happy that made me.

This group collects childrens’ quilts as well as knitted items.  I lucked out and connected with a gal that will quilt donated tops on her long-arm machine.  It would take me hours to do just one.  How generous of her. I prefer piecing to quilting in general.

Using requested size limits, I pieced 10 tops from stash that needs a more worthy home than my shelves. Only one I used a pattern for. All others were improvised as I went along.

This process was liberating!

I dove into my batiks:


Miscellaneous fat quarters put to good use:


Close up detail of some of the prints:


Simple. Simple. Simple.

DSCF5978 2



The quilt on the left uses a panel well-marinated in deep-stash-land. I used leftover blocks from my nieces quilt to insert into the split panel. The one on the right was great fun. Stacked coins on a fabric foundation strip are bordered by larger cuts of fabric. It’s vibrant.


Uber simple strips of flannel. This one will be cuddly.

DSCF5968 2

Here’s the only one I used a pattern for.  Sun Sprite by Villa Rose takes only 6 fat quarters.  Printed on a just a small card, the Rosecard patterns are easy peasy. I’ve made three total including Limelight and Senior Prom.


This quilt I call Pink Lemonade because of the lemon fabric and the salmon pink fabric. It’s a giant log cabin block.


It’s been a fun way to use languishing stash for a great cause.

2 thoughts on “Charity Quilts for Syrian Refugees-September, 2015

  1. Beautiful! You have a kind and giving heart, Heather! Love, Karen


  2. Thank you for the sweet thoughts, Karen. Miss you!

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