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Fall Gardening – Out with the old. In with the new.

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Critters enjoy refuge in the garden just as I do.  This little one surprised me.

DSCF6003 DSCF5997 DSCF6001

Dahlias thrive here. Next year I’ll plant more.


Today I spent much time pulling out annuals at the end of their season’s glory, and transplanting a fuschia and some Alysum. Not frost tolerant, Allysum does self-sow. I’m not sure if it will pull through the winter. Oops. Forgot to photograph. I just love the Alyssums’ scent.

Favas are coming up. It will be a fun challenge finding recipes as I’ve never prepared them.


An Orca Pear,  kindly gifted from a friend, is being coaxed to straighten out with twine guy-lines. Eventually, a garden shed will tuck into the back right hand corner of this picture where the blue worm bin is. “Shed” is an inadequate moniker for the sturdy, hand-crafted, beautiful structure Pete has planned.


Spinach and a nasturtium sprouts duke it out for space. I don’t have the heart to pull out either.


Kale starts:


Mustard green starts:


I also planted some Lacinato Kale seeds, more nasturtium seeds and several varieties of garlic. I’ve never gardened through a winter (other than pots of flowers on a No. CA deck). This is an experiment in process.  Multi-colored chard is well established and will be welcomed throughout the cool months.

I’ll keep you posted!

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